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Garage Door repair

#1 Garage Door Repair Service in Houston, TX

When your garage door breaks, it can be a major frustration and safety hazard. Your car may be stuck in your garage when have to go to work, or you may be unable to shut your garage door before your lock up for the night. Whatever your garage door problem, you need an expert on your side. 

Garage Door Doctor is proud to provide industry-leading garage door repair and replacement services in Houston, TX. Whether your door has fallen off the tracks, or your garage door opener isn’t working, we have the skills and expertise to assist. We can also offer routine garage door maintenance and emergency garage door repair. 

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Garage door emergencies

Common Garage Door Emergencies

Garage doors provide peace of mind by ensuring that your garage is safe and secure from intruders. However, a garage door emergency can prevent it from functioning properly. When a garage door emergency strikes, you need the assistance of local garage door experts.

Below are some of the most common garage door emergencies our technicians encounter while on the job. 

One of the most common garage door emergencies is if your door falls off the track. Doors can fall off the track if they sustain an impact or if the tracks become bent or unaligned.  Doors can also fall off the track if their support cables or springs wear out. A garage door cable repair technician can realign the tracks and secure the door back on. 

Another common emergency is when your door won’t open or close all the way. If the door starts to open or close and immediately changes direction, there could be a problem with the garage door safety sensors. Sensors can become blocked and tell the door there is an obstruction when there isn’t. The door can also fail to fully open and close if it is slipping on the tracks.

In either case, you should call a garage door repair company for assistance. 

If you press the remote and your garage door opener doesn’t respond, it could be one of two issues. The first is that the remote battery is dead. This is an easy fix, as you can just replace the battery and test the remote again.

Alternatively, the receiving sensor on the garage door opener could be misaligned or broken. You will have to call an expert to replace the opener if the sensor is broken. 

Most garage door openers are designed to still work even when there is a power outage. Pull the red emergency cord on the bottom of the opener, and it will engage manual mode. In manual mode, you can slide the door open or shut and lock it in place. If the door doesn’t move after you pull the cord, there could be an underlying mechanical issue you’ll need to fix. 

Garage door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

Garage doors can last for several decades, but you need to remember regular care and maintenance. We recommend contacting a residential garage door repair expert for maintenance at least once per year. Your garage door maintenance checklist will depend on your door’s age and condition, but regular garage door maintenance sessions should include:

  • Lubricating door parts
  • Tightening bolts and springs
  • Oiling the chain drive
  • Testing safety sensors
  • Testing/replacing rollers
  • Adjusting spring tension
  • Inspecting for damages

Regular maintenance is an important part of home ownership. Routine maintenance can extend the lifespan of your garage door by up to five additional years. Neglecting maintenance means your door won’t last as long and is more prone to breakdowns. 

Fixing Garage Door - Garage Door Doctor
Garage Door replacement

Garage Door Replacement

We also offer comprehensive garage door replacement options. We can help you choose materials and styles to update your existing garage door. We offer installation options for single and double garage doors, so we always have a solution for you. 


Signs You Need Garage Door Replacement

No matter how well you take care of your garage door, you will eventually need to replace it. If you notice any of the signs below, you should consider calling an expert at Garage Door Doctor to discuss replacement options. 

Garage doors may periodically break down, but if your garage door experiences frequent breakdowns, you should consider replacing it. Repeated breakdowns can reduce safety and security and indicate that the door is nearing the end of its lifespan. Repairs will also cost you more on each repeated breakdown. If repair costs are at least 50% of the price of replacement, you should opt for a new garage door. 

Over time, an aging door might start to sag and droop in the middle. Sagging can warp the shape of door panels, making it harder for your garage to open and close properly. Sagging can also create cracks between door panels, allowing moisture and pests in your garage. Moreover, a sagging door poses a safety hazard because it may buckle and collapse on you or your car while opening or closing.  

It’s normal for garage doors to make some noise when opening or closing, but too much noise can indicate a problem. Grinding and scraping noises could mean the chain is off the track or the drive shaft motor is failing. Grinding could also be a result of loose springs or damaged tracks. 

Cracking and peeling can be a sign of both age and damage. Doors can acquire dents, scratches, and cracks that can ruin their appearance and cause structural problems. Common causes of door cracks and dents include auto collisions and weather changes. 

Old wood and composite garage doors can start to rot and disintegrate from moisture and age. Rotting doors become a haven for pests and are at risk of falling apart with use. A garage door that is starting to degrade may become stained and discolored.

You can remove the rotted sections and fill the holes with wood filling, or you can replace the affected door panel.

Aging garage doors also become less effective insulators and start to leak heat. Your house can lose a significant amount of heat through low-quality garage doors. Your energy bills could skyrocket as a result. 


Garage Door Materials

As part of replacing your garage door, you will need to choose the right material. Each kind of garage door material has its pros and cons. Below is a list of some of the most common materials homeowners choose for garage doors. 

Steel is a popular choice thanks to its incredible durability and long lifespan. A steel garage door can easily last over 50 years and is highly resistant to scratching, dings, dents, and warping. Steel is compatible with most types of paint, and you can add an extra layer of insulation to reduce heat loss during the winter. The main downside of steel is it is very heavy and will require a powerful opener. Steel is also susceptible to rusting and corrosion, especially if you live in a humid environment. 

Wood is another popular material, thanks to its luxurious appearance and luster. Wood has a long lifespan and comes with several types of decorations and finishes. Some of the most common woods for garage doors include pine, cedar, fir, redwood, and luan. Like steel doors, wood doors are fairly heavy, so you will need a powerful garage door opener. Wood is also susceptible to moisture and rotting. 

Composite wood consists of wood pulp and fiberboard that is heat-treated to give it high durability. Composite materials usually have a metal frame with fiberboard door panels. Door cores feature a dense polystyrene foam that improves the material’s insulation. Composite doors are easy to manufacture and can feature many patterns and decorations that mimic the look and feel of genuine wood. 

Aluminum garage doors provide the same kind of durability as steel but are lighter and cheaper to manufacture. Aluminum is also resistant to rust, but it scratches easier. Many aluminum panel doors come with glass panels to let you see inside or outside your garage. 

Fiberglass is a garage door material that offers excellent durability and insulation. Fiberglass garage doors usually consist of fiberglass panels on an aluminum frame with steel end caps that provide additional strength. Fiberglass is resistant to denting and scratching, but it can shatter from very strong impacts. 

Garage Door Opener Services
Garage door opener

Garage Door Opener Services

Garage doors have two main parts: the door itself and the opener mechanism. We offer repair and replacement services for all types of garage door openers.

An electronic opener makes using your garage door more convenient and safe. You can open it with a remote controller or set up a keypad password to open/close and lock it for security. 

Your garage door opener may not work correctly if: 

  • The door is off its tracks.
  • The door is bent and can’t move smoothly.
  • The chains/gears of the garage door opener are frozen.
  • The garage door sensors are not working properly.

A broken garage door opener can be dangerous, because the door can fall down when opening or closing. Our expert repair technicians can give a full diagnosis and research replacement options if repairs are not enough. 


Types of Garage Door Openers

There are several different types of garage door openers with different horsepower, noise levels, and safety features. Below is a list of the different garage door openers and their advantages and disadvantages. 

Chain drive openers use a chain and a track to move the door up and down. These are some of the most common types of openers because they are versatile and adjustable for many different force levels. 


  • Affordable
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Durable


  • Requires more maintenance
  • Relatively noisy
  • Not great for attached garages

Belt-driven garage openers are similar to chain garage openers but have a rubber belt instead of a chain. Garage door opener belts typically consist of fiberglass, rubber, or polyurethane. Belt-driven motors are suitable for both large and small doors and are also very quiet. However, belt-driven openers require more upkeep and maintenance than other types. 


  • Durable and strong
  • Fewer moving parts 
  • Produces little noises 


  • Requires lubrication
  • Belt can change size depending on temperature
  • Shorter lifespan

A screw drive garage door opener uses a helical-shaped rod that turns like a screw to open and close the garage door. Unlike chain and belt openers, screw-drive openers have much fewer moving parts, and the durable screw shaft is resistant to damage. Also, screw-drive openers are quieter than chain and belt-driven openers. 


  • Quiet
  • Durable and strong
  • Lower risk of breakdowns
  • Moderate price


  • Not suited for heavy doors
  • Require regular lubrication

Jackshaft driver openers get rid of the chain or belt and instead install right above the garage door. The jackshaft opener directly connects to the torsion bar and lifts the door open or closed. Jackshaft openers are extremely strong and are suitable for all kinds of garage door materials.


  • Very powerful
  • Low maintenance
  • Saves space on installation
  • Good for high ceilings


  • More expensive the other types
  • Only for sectional doors

A direct drive opener is similar to a chain opener, except instead of a stationary motor and moving chain, a direct drive opener has a stationary chain and a moving motor. Direct-drive openers have high horsepower and fewer moving parts, so they require less maintenance than other types of garage door openers. 


  • Low maintenance
  • Great for tall doors
  • Take up less space


  • More expensive than other types
  • Uncommon, so require specialized experience to serve
Why choose us

Why Choose Us

Garage Door Doctor is proud to provide a superior level of service. We take the time to get to know our clients, so we can provide personalized service that meets their needs and budgets. We never cut corners and always put 110% effort into every job we perform. 

Our knowledgeable technicians have experience working with all kinds of modern garage door materials and openers, so you can always count on us. We only work with the best products and manufacturers to provide garage door solutions that last. 

Trusted Garage Door Repair - Garage Door Doctor

Garage Door FAQ

Below are some of the most common questions we receive about our garage repair in Houston, TX. 

Generally speaking, you should call a professional for any garage door repair. Garage door components, such as springs and rollers, are under a significant amount of pressure and can cause serious injury if they break. An expert garage door repair company understands how to fix doors quickly and safely. 

You may need to replace your garage door 20 and 50 years, depending on its material, weather, and maintenance schedule. However, circumstances can vary and your door might require replacement before its natural lifespan is up. Scheduling an inspection from a professional garage door repair company can help you determine your door’s lifespan. 

R-value tells you how effective of an insulator a material is. R-values are important for garage doors because heat can escape from your garage. The higher a material’s R-value, the more effective of an insulator it is. For example, a solid wood garage door has an R-value of about 2.17, while a fiberglass door may have an R-value of 5. 

The typical single-car garage door is about eight feet wide by seven feet tall. Double car garage doors are about 16 feet wide by seven feet tall. However, you can design a custom garage door to be as large as you need it. 

Yes, insulating your garage door is a great investment that can significantly reduce energy consumption during the fall and winter. Homeowners can reduce their annual energy bills by up to 20% by insulating their garage door and sealing their home’s exterior. 

The best garage door material depends on your specific needs. In terms of durability, steel is the strongest common garage door material but is a poor insulator. Fiberglass is a highly insulated material that boasts decent durability, whereas wood provides a luxurious appearance. Aluminum is a good material if you need a lightweight garage door for a chain or belt drive opener. 

Emergency Garage Door Repair in Houston
Garage door Repair

Emergency Garage Door Repair in Houston

At Garage Door Doctor, our technicians have many years of experience offering automatic garage door repair in Houston, TX. We pride ourselves on our passion for providing peerless service and our commitment to customer satisfaction. When you need overhead garage door repair in Houston you can trust, we should be your first choice. Whether you need garage door cable replacement or garage door track repair, we can assist. 

Contact us online or call today at (281) 855-9300 to schedule emergency garage door repair in Houston!