Why Won’t My Garage Door Open?

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A garage door that won’t open can be frustrating. Sometimes, there is a simple cause of this problem. Other times, the situation is more complex and requires a part of your garage door to be replaced. Keep reading to learn some of the common reasons behind this annoying problem.

You Have a Problem With Your Remote or Opener

If your garage door opener or remote is malfunctioning, you may have problems opening the door. An expert will be able to look at the mechanics of your opener and determine if you need a replacement. Sometimes a simple battery replacement or product reset is all you need to make your door open again.

Your Garage Door May Be Off Track

If your garage door has shifted off the garage door tracks, the door will not open properly. This is a serious problem that requires professional help. Attempting to fix this problem yourself can be dangerous, so call an expert immediately.

A Garage Door Part is Broken

A functional garage door requires many different parts to work together. If you don’t have a problem with your garage door opener and the garage door is still aligned with its tracks, you might be dealing with a broken roller, cable, spring, or hinge. A professional will be able to evaluate all parts of your garage door and determine the exact cause of your issue.

If your garage door isn’t opening, call Garage Door Doctor today. Our experts can repair your garage door immediately so you can get back to enjoying your home.