Garage Door DIY? No Way

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Everyone has a little bit of the DIY spirit in them (or maybe it’s the inclination to cut costs wherever they may be.) Therefore, it may seem like a good idea to try and do garage door repair yourself, especially with the amount of youtube videos out there saying go for it. Don’t listen to them, though, because unlike other home repair projects, garage door repair can be very dangerous.

There are a number of health concerns. First, garage door repair often means a ladder, and falling from a ladder is one of the top causes of homeowner injury. Second, despite the amount of youtube videos that may be watched, it’s still amateur repair — and it’s impossible to know all the safety measures professionals take. Third, we’re talking about your garage door here — hundreds of pounds of steel or wood. If you lose control, even for one second, it’s going to come crashing down, and damage everything around it. If you happen to be in its way, you will get seriously hurt.

Why call a professional? Professional garage door repair works, because they’ve studied garage doors. They’ve done it multiple times, and they understand which part needs to be fixed, without having to look at a youtube video. They’ve got the right tools for the job, they take the appropriate safety measures, and they won’t leave until they’re satisfied it’s in the best condition.

Is garage door repair expensive? Yes, but you’ll know it’s done right, and that’s peace of mind above everything else. Channel that DIY spirit elsewhere!