Why Get a Garage Door Tune Up in Tomball?

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Your garage door is an everyday convenience that is easy to take for granted. It does the job each time you come and go, without much thought. The components of your garage door and opener are reliable, but they do need occasional maintenance to ensure a long life of dependable service.

To keep your garage door working smoothly and reliably, you should schedule regular tune-ups. What does a garage door tune-up involve and why should you get one? Here’s a breakdown of a garage door tune-up for homeowners in Tomball.

How Your Garage Door Works

Your garage door is designed to open and close smoothly and consistently, and provide security for your home. The weight of the door needs to be adequately supported and evenly distributed so that it opens and closes properly. If the door support is out of balance, the door is at risk of binding or closing unevenly.

Depending on the type of garage door you have, there will be a single torsion spring or two extension springs supporting the weight of the door. These springs allow the door to open and close at a controlled rate. Like any spring, your garage door springs gradually wear and their capacity to support the weight of the garage door is reduced.

The torsion or extension springs are under very high tension, as necessary to perform the function of supporting the weight of the door, and as such pose a risk of serious injury if they break, or allow the door to close too rapidly if they fail. Adjustment or replacement of your garage door springs should only be done by an experienced professional garage door technician in Tomball.

The components of your garage door include rollers, chains and cables that guide the movement of the garage door. These parts need to be lubricated to allow your garage door to open and close quietly. Weather-stripping can wear, dry out or flatten with continued use and needs to be replaced periodically. Worn weather-stripping will not only expose your garage to the elements, it can lead to a damaged door due to loss of the cushioning it provides.

Keep Your Tomball Garage Door Operating Smoothly in Tomball

A professional garage door tune-up will include a thorough inspection of all parts of your garage door. Your garage door technician will lubricate, adjust or replace components as necessary to keep your garage door operating smoothly.

Weather extremes can cause garage door components to fail over time. Rubber weather-stripping dries and cracks from the Texas heat. Cold air in combination with the force of the closing door can cause it to flatten. This will in turn cause the door to close noisily, and with more force. Lubrication will likewise dry out or become contaminated with use and exposure to the elements.

If you have an electrical garage door opener, your technician will check the drive motor and track for proper operation, adjust the up and down force to ensure the door opens and closes smoothly. Your Tomball home garage door handles a heavy workload, providing easy access to your home on a daily basis. It will last for many years when you schedule regular tune-ups with an authorized professional garage door repair company.