Keep Your Car Moving with Garage Door Services

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When was the last time you had your garage door and unit serviced or inspected? Having a routine maintenance and safety checks ensures that your garage door is safe and in good operating condition. The Garage Door Doctor offers a 21-point safety check that helps to avoid garage door and unit problems, along with other garage door services in Pearland, TX. If you are experiencing problems with your garage door unit, call the Doctor. Many times, when owners try to make the unit run and it is not functioning properly it causes more damage, which means it will cost you more money. However, the Doctor can send a crew out to your place to make emergency repairs the same day you call, (281) 855-9300 or 578-7659.

Garage Door Parts

Providing garage door services in Pearland, TX and the surrounding Houston area, the Doctor has the parts for most name brand products. When was the last time you checked the weather seal on your garage door? This strip seals to keep out the cold. The Doctor carries the weatherstrips, door springs, cables, tracks that you need, and more. Replacement keypads and remotes are available, and they have the trained and qualified professionals to repair the unit.

If you have a bent or broken garage door panel, call the Doctor. They have replacement panels or a complete door if you want to change the look of the home. Same day service or installation will have the door changed with a new color or new design in a short amount of time.

Secure the Garage with a New Unit

Do you need a brand-new unit? The Doctor offers a wide selection of new units to fit your budget. Find the unit that has the latest technologies or go with a budget friendly option. It is important to have a garage to keep your vehicle out of the elements of the weather, including sun damage that over time can ruin a paint job. Cold winter weather can be avoided when you house your car in the garage, which will help keep your car moving. The security a garage door provides is important to keep your vehicle and your belongings safe.

The Garage Door Doctor has emergency services to ensure that your garage door unit is working properly, at any time, day or night. Call the professionals for all your garage door services in Pearland, TX. They offer affordable prices and convenient appointments to fit your busy schedule.

For Premium Garage Door Services in Pearland, TX, Call the Doctor!

The Doctor knows why your garage door is not functioning properly. The contractors that built your house knew they had to cut costs somewhere. They also knew that no one would realize how cheap that garage door was until they started using it. Now it’s making more noise than a garbage truck on Saturday morning.

When you have problems with your garage door, sometimes it is just easier to leave the car in the driveway. But, when you do that, you risk the neighbor’s kids vandalizing it, accidentally or on purpose, you risk the sun’s extreme UV rays, hail stones, and the winter’s cold and ice. To keep your car moving and in pristine condition, you need to store it in the garage. That’s why you have one, remember? For fast, professional garage door services in Pearland, TX, call the Garage Door Doctor, (281) 855-9300 or 578-7659 to get a FREE estimate of maintenance services or a new door installed. The Garage Door Doctor will answer your questions and give you a fair deal, with a warranty.