What to Look for in a West Houston Garage Door Repair Service

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Most people looking for a technician for West Houston garage door repair have no idea where to start. It’s not like in the old days, when you’d just whip out the phone book and turn to the Yellow Pages; that’s now ancient history. For contemporary West Houston garage door repair services, you must know a doctor who makes house calls, which for a real doctor is also ancient history, but not for the Garage Door Doctor. What you need is a garage door service that will give you a free estimate of repairs, and one that will use a 21-point checklist to ensure all the problems are fixed and not just the obvious ones. Yet, you will want one that’s right in your area of Houston.

How do you find such a repair service you can trust? Now it’s even easier, just call the Garage Door Doctor.

The Garage Door Doctor Is Your West Houston Garage Door Repair Service

The Doctor will come the same day, when you call the emergency repair number, 578-7659. They will give you a free estimate of repair and perform a 21-point maintenance check.

Many of the out-of-town contractors, who came in with low bids, built housing projects here in the West Houston area and had to make up the difference somewhere else, to make a bigger profit. So, they installed cheap garage doors, knowing they just had to look good. Since no one would use the doors until after they bought the property, no one would know the doors were made of shoddy material and hastily installed.

Problems Caused by Cheap Installations

Until they used the doors a few times, very few knew of this trickery in West Houston. Garage door repair is now a common service required on these doors because of off-center installations, cheap weather strips that are now rotten from the harsh Texas weather, and many installations skipped a crucial part not included with most garage doors, the steel door stiffener.

Some contractors even used nails instead of the more expensive lag screws to fasten the door frame. Although everything looks fine, after time the nails just slide out. Without lag screws to hold the structure in place, the door shifts with the weather, and the once-easy-to-open door now makes enough noise to wake the neighbors.

Trust Your Doctor for Expert Repair and Installation

Call the Doctor for West Houston garage door repair and installations you can count to stand the test of time. Sure, you can get cheaper repairs, but you get what you pay for, and you will just have to have them come back time and again. Call your West Houston Garage Door Doctor, (281) 855-9300, to gain a FREE estimate for repair and replacement parts. Don’t forget their 21-point maintenance inspection. The Garage Door Doctor is the winner of the Super Service Award from Angie’s List.

“Honest, Quality Work – At a Fair Price.”