Choosing the Right Garage Door Weatherstrip

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Are you frustrated by having to clean up the garage after every storm? Do rainy days leave you wading to your car? These are genuine problems when the garage door weatherstrip is worn, torn or rotten. What’s more, the cold weather will send critters scurrying for a warm place to nest, and you do not want them going into the boxes you have stored in the garage.

Therefore, you should spend a few dollars and replace the weatherstrip; if you don’t have time, give the Garage Door Doctor a call.

Threshold Seal or Garage Door Weatherstrip

The garage door weatherstrip is an aluminum and/or vinyl/rubber seal screwed or fastened onto the bottom of the door, and a threshold seal is a vinyl or rubber strip sealed with caulk under where the door sits.
This system forms a seal at the bottom of the garage door to keep out the elements and the critters, of course.
Whether you use the weatherstrip, the threshold seal or a combination of both is up to you. For a single car garage, you will pay $20 or $30 for the garage door weatherstrip and $50 to $125 for a quality threshold seal.

What Size to Buy

The length of the garage door weatherstrip should be six inches longer than the width of the garage door and then cut to fit. Therefore, you should buy a 9-foot, 6-inch weatherstrip for a 9-foot single car garage door, but be sure to measure the door width. The threshold seal should be 12 to 15 inches longer than the door is wide, so, in this case, it would require a 10-foot to 10-foot, 3-inch threshold seal, then cut to fit. You might have to do some trimming and additional caulking to fit the frame.

The garage door weatherstrip usually comes in ½- to 1½-inch thickness, which you can cut with a strong pair of scissors or tin snips. You could also use the same tools to cut the threshold seal, but a hacksaw works better and gives you a straighter cut.

However, you might not need a threshold seal if the garage door sits flush and seals without a gap when closed. Some people do not like the threshold seal because of the tripping hazard.
If you decide to add a threshold seal, make sure it is made from flexible yet durable material. These come in various thicknesses, from ½ inch to 1½ inches, depending on if you have an uneven floor or how big a gap you have at the bottom of the door.

DIY or Garage Door Doctor

Whether you DIY or call a Houston area Garage Door Doctor to replace your garage door weatherstrip, or you need emergency repairs, the Doctor is always on-call. The Garage Door Doctor offers FREE estimates, so you always know in advance how much it will cost for the service. Call us now, (281) 855-9300 or 578-7659. Let us know if you would like a 21-point maintenance inspection while we’re there.

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