What to Expect From a Garage Door Tune Up

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Your garage door works hard every single day, opening and closing countless times to ensure that your car and belongings are protected. A small investment in a 21-point inspection and garage door tune up ensures that your garage door will continue to work correctly in the future. In addition, it will eliminate the chances of problems and safety hazards. Investing now can save you a lot of hassle later, so tackle your garage door problems before they happen! Here is what you can expect from a typical garage door tune up with the help of the Garage Door Doctor.

Garage Door Tune Up: Preparation, Inspection and maintenance

The Garage Door Doctor will take a close look, during your garage door tune up, at the hardware your garage door uses to operate, including brackets, rollers, lift cables, weather strips, electric eyes and remote-control access. If any elements are loose or dirty, they will be tightened and cleaned. Next, your garage door doctor will lubricate the garage door’s springs to prevent corrosion and make your springs last that much longer. Also, the Doctor will clean any debris in the tracks; an obstruction could cause your door to go off-track, damage your vehicle or become a safety hazard to your family.

Safety, Security and Precaution

Finally, the Garage Door Doctor will offer you some tips for improving your garage door’s safety. We will test your door for quality and ease of operation, test the opener(motor, belt or chain), and test the functionality of the remote and electric eye sensitivity. Any item placed under the door should cause the door to reverse – if it does not, we will find out why not.

This test should be performed by the owner at least once a month: Place a roll of toilet paper or paper towels under the door. If the door does not reverse when it touches the obstruction, check for debris that may be blocking the electric beam between tracks. This simple test can detect a problem with the electric eye. Correcting this problem will prevent the door from closing on someone and potentially causing harm to your vehicle or children.

A Garage Door Tune Up Is Necessary and Inexpensive

A garage door tune up is an affordable, easy way to improve your garage door’s operations and ensure it stays that way. If you’re looking for safer, more reliable garage door repairs and preventive maintenance, call the Garage Door Doctor today. Dial (281) 855-9300 or (281) 578-7659 and ask for a garage door tuneup! The Garage Door Doctor does the work, and you can live worry free while enjoying a dependable garage door.

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