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You depend on your garage door every day, but if you are like most people, you never pay much attention to the torsion spring. Torsion springs are designed to raise and lower the garage door smoothly and quietly. Homeowners need to understand that garage doors require periodic maintenance and must get inspected regularly. If you are having a problem with your garage door, the springs are likely the cause. Here are a few signs your torsion spring needs to be replaced.

The Torsion SpringIs Getting Weak

The torsion spring repeatedly expands and contracts with everyday use. Over the years, it loses its flexibility, which eventually leads to failure. In fact, depending on maintenance and use, the lifespan of a torsion spring is only between seven and nine years. One way to test the strength of your springs is to manually lift your garage door to waist level and let it go. If the garage door stays up, your springs are fine. If the door starts to go down, your springs likely need replacement.

Obvious Rust and Corrosion

With regular and proper maintenance of your garage door, rust and corrosion are not an issue. However, a neglected torsion spring, by contrast, is a different story. Rust and corrosion wear out the springs, making a failure likely to happen sooner rather than later. If you see obvious corrosion, spring replacement is recommended.

Signs Your Torsion Springs Are Already Broken

  • Garage door looks crooked or is off track
  • Garage door does not open at all
  • Cables are dangling
  • Garage door is difficult to open and often closes with a bang

Repairing a broken torsion spring is not usually a do-it-yourself (DIY) job, unless you are a seasoned mechanic and have help. It is very dangerous and requires expert skill and specialized tools. To avoid serious injury, leave it to the pros. Do not attempt the repairs yourself. If your torsion spring is nearing the seven- to nine-year mark or it is showing signs of wear or damage, call the Garage Door Doctor for emergency repair of your garage door torsion spring.

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