Picking the Right Garage Door Opener for Dad

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Whereas it may not be a good idea to get mom a vacuum cleaner, or worse yet, a broom for Mother’s Day, dads love tools. What dad wouldn’t like a tool set? Even for those dads not mechanically inclined, a tool

set with a few wrenches, a couple of screwdrivers, and a pair of pliers is an OK gift, but a garage door opener is a much better gift.That’s why the right garage door opener with or without installation is a perfect gift for Father’s Day.

Sure, if you and dad are mechanically inclined, you can tackle that garage door opener installation.If not, call the Garage Door Doctor in the Houston area, 578-7659. But first, you will need to pick out the right garage door opener for dad.

Whereas you could choose another brand, we here at the Garage Door Doctor in Houston have been repairing and installing garage doors and accessories for decades, and we know which opener performs the best and needs the least maintenance, and that would be the LiftMaster®.

LiftMaster® makes a variety of proven reliable door openers, but as a Father’s Day gift, we would like to discuss these three possibilities. There are basically three types of garage door openers:chain driven, belt driven, or screw drive door openers. A chain driven door opener is the most frequently installed, as it’s very reliable, and the chain, unlike a belt does not wear-out or break. With the proper maintenance, a chain-driven door opener will perform its mission reliably and quietly for years to come.

#1 – The LiftMaster® Elite 3/4 HP 8587 Garage Door Opener

This 3/4 horsepower opener is designed for the heaviest garage doors such as the Carriage House or other solid wood doors. This opener is the best option for heavier doors and will provide years of trouble-free operation.

#2 – The LiftMaster® Elite 3/4 HP 8360 Chain Driven Garage Door Opener

This dependable door opener is even more convenient because of the DC battery power backup. Now you need not worry about getting locked out of your garage during one of those Houston storms that knock out the power. LiftMaster also recommends this unit for large, heavy doors.

#3 – The LiftMaster® 1/2 HP 8165 Chain Driven Garage Door Opener

This rugged little chain driven door opener is inexpensive yet reliable for daily operation. Periodic maintenance will keep it in top-notch operational capacity for years to come. The LiftMaster® 8165 combines economic value and reliability.

Why the Garage Door Doctor?

In the Houston, TX area the Garage Door Doctor can install any garage door opener you may have received as a gift or bought for yourself. However, if you ask us for a recommendation, we will recommend the LiftMaster®because of proven results and dependability. The Garage Door Doctor also makes emergency house calls for maintenance and repairs. When your garage door has come off the track, the remote no longer works, even with new batteries, or you need any repairs,service, or installation, we will provide a free estimate, so give us a call now (281) 855-9300 or 578-7659.

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