Summer Maintenance for Your Garage Door

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The hot summer months in Texas can affect your garage door’s operation. The more we use it, the more wear and tear breaks down the lubricants and rubber seals. If left unchecked, wear and tear will become detrimental. Maintenance is as necessary to your garage door’s lifespan, as it is to the car you keep in the garage. An improperly maintained garage door becomes noisy, inefficient, and unsafe.

Safety & Security

An improperly maintained garage door is a threat to your family’s safety and security. If your door comes off the track because of faulty or incomplete maintenance, it could fall and damage your car or hurt a loved one. An inoperative door is a weak spot in your home’s security. Call the Doctor for same-day emergency repairs.

Safety Measures to Take Before Garage Door Maintenance

Disconnect the garage door from the power before beginning maintenance to ensure everyone’s safety. Disconnecting the power prevents the door from activating accidentally. Likewise, if the door is already open during maintenance, it should get propped up. Or, use a clamp below one of the rollers to prevent the door from dropping abruptly.Having the door opened about halfway will better facilitate maintenance.

Mechanisms to Check During a Tune-Up

Once the safety measures are complete, the mechanic can proceed with the tune-up, beginning with a 21-point inspection, a specialty of the Garage Door Doctor. All nuts and bolts will get checked and tightened. Wear and tear on the rollers will get checked to ensure replacement is not necessary. Replacing the rollers is very inexpensive and will quiet the door’s operation tremendously. Cables will get checked and tightened or loosened if necessary. Cables that are too tight are more problematic than those that are too loose.

Worn out weather-stripping will get replaced. Generally, weather-strip is only good for a year or two at most. The door opener’s screw, belt, or chain, along with the torsion spring, will get lubrication to assure smooth and quiet operation throughout the hot summer months until your next annual checkup.

Your garage door tune-up is complete once the attending professional has accurately tested the door, making sure its balance and auto reverse safety features are all working correctly. This check ensures there are no malfunctions, which could cause the door to work harder than necessary. Therefore, have your annual tune-up done by calling the Garage Door Doctor today!

The Garage Door Doctor!

In the Houston area, call the Garage Door Doctor for a 21-point checkup and maintenance before you need emergency repairs. However, if you do need emergency repairs, we can usually handle those the same day. The Garage Door Doctor always provides a FREE estimate, so call (281) 855-9300 or 578-7659 to get same day repairs.

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