Consider These Affordable Garage Door Repair Options

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Affordable Garage Door Repair

Many garage door repairs are affordable do-it-yourself (DIY) projects like replacing weather stripping, clearing the automatic “eye” sensor, replacing the remote batteries, which takes very little time. However, for a complete comprehensive 21-point maintenance inspection, contact the professionals at the Garage Door Doctor.

Likewise, some affordable garage door repairs are best left to professionals.

1. Torsion Spring

Torsion spring replacement is one of the affordable garage door repairs that should not be attempted by the novice or DIY. The proper balance of torsion springs on your garage door is essential for safety and long-term use without replacement.

Many rely on the accuracy of a YouTube video to walk them through this delicate and often dangerous procedure. Many use the same size torsion springs as was originally installed, while others use a complicated formula to determine spring size by measuring the wire diameter. Both methods can save you a few dollars immediately by not paying a professional. However, they do put your vehicle and family at risk. DIY and YouTube videos are risky. When the wrong torsion spring size got used by mistake initially, then used again without confirmation, trouble awaits. Plus,you jeopardize the long-term use of the torsion springs with an amateur installation.

2. Broken Cables

Replacing a broken cable is another affordable garage door repair that should be done by a professional. Tightening a cable too tight or not enough is best not left to guesswork if you want your garage door to perform at peak performance for seven to nine years as most correctly installed cables do.

3.Roller Replacement, Another Affordable Garage Door Repair

You can most likely measure your rollers, order new ones online, and make the replacement yourself.It’s not a complicated procedure, and incorrect installation will probably not cause damage to your vehicle or harm your family.

Many simply do not have the time or can’t wait because their garage door is hanging precariously or won’t close. The Garage Door Doctor in the Houston area can repair most problems the same day when you call their emergency hotline, (281) 855-9300.

4. Garage Door Openers

Comparatively speaking, most opener repairs are more affordable than buying a new opener. The best method to find out for sure is to get a professional to analyze the problem. Some common repairs include:

  • Circuit boards
  • Safety sensors
  • Jammed engine
  • Blown capacitors
  • Blown fuses
  • Stripped gears

Most of these take some knowledge of electrical engineering, so if you have expertise in that area, it is probably a D-I-Y project you can handle and an affordable garage door repair.

Contact the Garage Door Doctor for Affordable Garage Door Repairs!

When you need emergency, affordable garage door repair, call the Garage Door Doctor (281) 855-9300 or 578-7659. We can make most repairs the same day because we keep many of the replacement parts on-hand, but if we must order a part for an unconventional opener or door, it may take longer. Our professional technicians will always provide a free estimate of repair before we do any work.

The Garage Door Doctor is also the winner of the Super Service Award.

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