The Best Garage Door Weatherstripping for Texas

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If it’s time to change your garage door weatherstripping, you’re probably wondering which type and material is the best. The good news is there are really only three factors to consider: durability, appearance and cost. Garage door weatherstripping is a practical application, so your main focus should be choosing a product that lasts and looks great but doesn’t cost you a fortune. It’s a fine balance, but Garage Door Doctor is here to help.

Garage Door Threshold

You may or may not need a threshold, depending on how the surface of your garage door weatherstripping aligns with the floor. If there is a large gap, a threshold is almost certainly necessary. However, if it is flush, you can save yourself the considerable amount of money you would pay for the threshold itself and having it installed.

Foam Garage Door Weatherstripping

If you are looking for the easiest and least expensive option, foam garage door weatherstripping is the way to go. Most products of this type are self adhesive, which means you can install the foam garage door weatherstripping yourself. The downside of foam is it doesn’t last as long as other materials (typically two years). Foam is also easily damaged and may come loose, so reinforcing it with staples will help keep your garage door weatherstripping in place longer.


Felt is fairly decent for keeping out drafts and is more durable than foam garage door weatherstripping. It most cases you will pay slightly more for felt, but you can save on installation costs with some simple DIY by screwing the material into place. When purchasing felt garage door weatherstripping you should check that it comes with the metal strip needed to fix the material in place.

Rubber or Silicone

There are a number of garage door weatherstripping products that are made from rubber or silicone, which are considerably more durable than felt or foam. These products are usually mounted to wood or metal and may require some cutting before installation. This is not a DIY job you want to attempt unless you are sure you will get it right the first time.

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