How Often Should I Get a Garage Door Tune-Up?

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You know, your garage door takes lots of wear and tear on a daily basis. The often twice-daily up and down maneuver wears on the components, and the extreme Texas weather affects the lubrication. How often you get a garage door tune-up depends on how well you want your door to keep performing its everyday task without risk of damage to moving parts.

Unlike the car you store in the garage, your garage door tune-up does not depend on miles driven or how many times the door opens and closes, although that certainly has a bearing on its continued operation. A garage door tune-up should be performed around the changing of the hot and cold seasons, or semi-annually.

The Possible DIY Spring Season Garage Door Tune-Up

The homeowner should conduct a check in the spring before the weather heats up. This check is purely to determine if everything is working as it should. Does the remote work correctly? Does the door open and close properly? Check the inside operations with the door closed. Look for frayed cables, rusty hinges or other parts, and signs of excessive wear and tear.

You can knock the rust off with a wire brush and lubricate the parts or call a professional. If you are not mechanically inclined or you do not have time to do a thorough garage door tune-up by yourself, make that call.

Place a paper towel roll or a box under the door to ensure the automatic reverse works. If the item left under the door does not make the door stop and go back up slightly, check the sensors on the side of the door’s tracks. Leaves or other debris could cause blindness to the electronic eye.

If you cannot find the cause of the malfunction, call the Garage Door Doctor for same-day emergency repair. Do NOT use the door and be sure to shut off the power to the door’s opener until help arrives.

The Winter Season Garage Door Tune-Up

Get a professional garage door tune-up now before the weather gets too cold. Although the Garage Door Doctor’s 21-point maintenance tune-up covers all aspects of your door’s operations, pre-winter tune-ups should also ensure the weather stripping is functional.

The last thing you want is to waste money on unnecessary energy costs during the sometimes-brutal Houston winter. Simple, inexpensive garage door weather stripping can save hundreds on energy costs with a quick and efficient replacement or initial installation.

Even though the R-value of the garage door’s insulation is less effective than wall and ceiling insulation, it will save you money. The simple installation of weather stripping during a garage door tune-up can stop those Texas winds from blowing through the seams around the sides of your door and the threshold at the bottom, which would definitely elevate your heating and cooling costs.

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