Can a Garage Door Get Fixed If You Back into It?

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The technicians at the Garage Door Doctor in Houston, TX know this is a common occurrence, especially when the weather gets this cold and ice forms in the driveway. These things happen all the time and, in many cases, are easy to repair. Sometimes, you just slide right into the garage door but cause minimal damage. Even though you asked someone to throw some salt out there on the driveway, they must have thought you meant table salt. But now the garage door won’t close, and you’re afraid to force it because of all the strain on those tension springs and cables. What if you break the garage door opener? You should have a professional take a look to make sure what repairs are necessary. Some damage to springs, tracks and cables might not be readily apparent.

Concerns about the Garage Door Opener

You needn’t worry about the garage door opener if you push the button and the garage door doesn’t move, just don’t press the button again. The garage door opener actually applies less pressure than you would opening or closing it by hand. However, what do you do when the garage door opens but won’t close again. Now, your garage door is open, and you need to go to work. Not only is the garage door a security risk to your family inside the house, but the wind and rain will sweep in as well. Call the Garage Door Doctor’s emergency hotline for same-day repair.

Garage Door Emergency Repairs

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