3 Signs Your Garage Door Needs Maintenance

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Your garage door problem might be annoying, but is it serious? Like many parts of your home, your garage door might occasionally give you trouble. While some garage door problems are simply a sign of wear and tear, other issues require prompt maintenance. Not addressing these problems can lead to serious damage. Read on to learn about some common reasons that your garage door might need maintenance.

Garage Door is too Loud

Is your garage door causing a neighborhood disturbance? A noisy garage door might not seem like a serious issue, but it can indicate a variety of problems. A garage door repair specialist will be able to look at the door’s hardware and determine if your door simply needs a little bit of oil or if a part is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Garage Door is Not Weather-Proof

If you find water, dirt, or other debris in your garage, you might have a problem with your weather strip. A damaged weather strip is not able to protect the inside of your garage from the elements of the outside world. Broken or worn-down weatherstrips can even lead to unwanted animals setting up camp in your garage! During a maintenance check, a technician can inspect your weatherstrip and replace it if needed.

Garage Door Not Opening Properly

A garage door that doesn’t open properly can be a safety hazard. A number of door issues can cause this problem, from damaged tracks, springs, or cables to electrical issues with your garage door opener. A technician will investigate all possible causes of this problem and make your garage door functional again.

Garage Door Maintenance You Can Trust

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