When Should You Replace a Garage Door Roller?

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Most of the time, people maintain the most visible components of the garage door, but many forget that a garage door also has rollers that make the movement of the door smooth. The garage door roller connects the door to the tracks and comes in a variety of designs.

Builder grade rollers

These rollers are made of hard plastic or steel and do not have ball bearings. It is good to replace these garage door rollers every two years. Without the ball bearing, these rollers wear out quickly, causing the garage door to create squeaking sound.

Upgraded roller

These rollers have ball bearings inside them and usually constructed of nylon. The rollers also come in different designs having an open or sealed bearing design. One should lubricate open bearing design rollers every quarter so that these keep working smoothly. Depending on the type and design, the life of the rollers can range from two years to lifetime

Inspection of garage door roller

One needs to inspect rollers every year and should also lubricate them every four months. Lubrication can increase the lifespan of the rollers. A person should note the following during an inspection so you may replace the rollers on time before these cause harm:

  • The roller should not wiggle and should be properly attached to the shaft. If it is too lose and wiggles; it is a good sign that the roller needs replacement.
  • One should replace the roller when it stops spinning smoothly and creates grinding sound
  • If the roller is cracked and pieces of nylon are missing, you should quickly replace it

Replacing the rollers is a technical job and should not be tried on its own. Therefore, it is wise to call Garage Door Doctor’s team, who is an expert at replacing the garage door rollers. For any query about the rollers or to know which roller to choose for your garage door, call us on 281-855-9300 or 281-578-7659