The difference between chain drive vs. belt drive

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While they offer the same type of service, there are various types of constituents that are necessary to know before making a purchase for your garage. Some things that can vary are between the way they are built, how strong they are, and the amount of sound each produces whenever you try to open or close your garage.

The way they are built

Both are constructed where they use a basic roller chain and a pulley system. Once you press the button on your garage door opener remote, the chain will either pull the garage door up or down. However, with a belt drive system, it is made from rubber or polyurethane.

How strong are they?

Chain drive openers rarely ever fail. However, due to being metal to metal, they do require a bit of extra work such as regular oiling, having a proper alignment, and ensuring the stress rates are optimal is vital. If not taken care of, it is possible that the pulley may start feeding on the chain, causing a dusting of metal powder to rain down from above. While belt drive systems are a bit sensitive to adjustments, tautness, and greasing flaws, due to the material they are made out of, they can easily remain as operational as chain drive openers, if they are maintained properly.

How much noise does each make?

Since both of them are made out of pure metals, they do tend to make a lot of noise. As the door either opens or closes, metals can tend to clink together, resulting in the noise you hear as you operate your garage. When kept in proper condition, both systems will not produce a lot of noise, sometimes even only as loud as a whisper. Ensure that your garage door professional, like Garage Door Doctor, frequently washes and lubricates your vital parts, like the tracks and pulleys, to help the system from screeching or grating.

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