Garage Door Track Repair, What to Do If It Occurs

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If your garage falls off its tracks, a garage door track repair needs to occur. Let us say you come home from work, you have a headache, and you already dealt with too much office work. As you pull up to your home, your garage suddenly gets off track! What do you do? The best solution would be to call professionals, like Garage Door Doctor, to ensure you are not fixing something that could cause you to get hurt. Whether your track gets bent, gets out of alignment, or it makes a lot of noise, the experts at Garage Door Doctor will ensure your garage gets up and running as soon as possible!

We know how it feels to have a malfunctioning garage, and want to ensure we can ease the pain as soon as possible. Let us take a look at why garage doors tend to fall off their tracks in the first place.

Why exactly would my garage door get off track?

There are tons of causes that lead to a broken or misaligned track. If your garage door does get off track, you are not alone! Tons of people face the same issue; however, they call professionals, like Garage Door Doctor, to ensure their garage is in good hands.

The most common reason a garage door may fall of the track is if an obstruction gets in the way of allowing the door to close correctly. Sometimes, your safety sensors may not detect the obstruction, causing the issue to occur!  Another cause could be a garage door opener that has an improper force setting.

It is not very common, but it can fall off the track if you hit the door with your car. For example, if you were to pull out too fast, without your garage door being fully opened, the door may come off its tracks due to the car’s force. In other instances, a garage door falls off the track because of an issue with the track system’s parts. The rollers on the track can wear out, and lift cables can break. Both of these things can cause your garage door to fall off track without even the slightest of a warning.

Whether it is because of a faulty part or a breakage in the track, it is imperative to have your track fixed by experts from Garge Door Doctor. We do not recommend trying to fix a garage door track on your own. This is because you can easily hurt yourself without proper training and equipment. In addition, keep in mind that broken tracks can lead your garage door to fall onto you, your car, or even your loved ones, causing severe injury or, unfortunately, death.

Are you in need of a garage door track repair?

If you need a garage door track repair, you have come to the right place! Garage Door Doctor has years of experience to help fix your garage door track. We are your local garage door servicing company in Cypress, Texas; we want to ensure you have a company that sincerely cares about you and your garage. For more information, call us today at 281-855-9300 . You can also visit our website at