How To Adjust Garage Door Cables- A Guide

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If you are into garage doors, you may want to know how to adjust garage door cables! Good news; we are going to discuss that today! It is essential to know that even though automatic garage doors have become safer, you should continue to have professionals, like Garage Door Doctor, regularly inspect your door, openers, and garage door parts. Let’s take a glimpse at how to adjust garage door cables!

What exactly does a garage door cable do?

It may come as a surprise, but garage door cables are extremely important safety mechanisms of your garage door. The lines run through torsion springs, causing them to do all the heavy lifting each time you raise or lower your door.

However, your garage door cables have another purpose. If there is ever a spring failure, your cables will step in to protect your garage against spring recoil. Even if it seems like it isn’t a big deal, it is! When your torsion springs quit, it can be a severe, and even deadly, blow.

Your springs have tension built up into them that can cause serious damage and injury. This is another important reason you need to have proper working cables to avoid the issue stated above. If your spring snaps, it can fall to the ground. Thus, it is vital to ensure you have garage cables in good condition.

How exactly does someone adjust their garage door cables?

It isn’t easy; however, it is nice to know how to adjust garage door cables if a need comes. To start, you’ll need:

  • Pliers,
  • Some wire cutter
  • A flat-head screwdriver
  • Stepladder
  • C-clamps
  1. Starting to work

First, you’ll need to pull the rope that is with your garage door opener. This will allow your door opener to separate from the drive chain. Once the door is lowered, you’ll see that the tension springs are a bit stuffed. In order to fix your garage door cables, you’ll need to release the tension of your springs by lifting the door.

In addition, you’ll want to disengage electricity from your garage door if you have an automatic one. This is because you don’t want to have any electrical accident while working on your garage door.

  1. Safety Precaution

Attach your c-clamps to your garage door’s track right below the roller closest to the bottom of the door. It is imperative to do so to ensure your door doesn’t fall down while working on it. Furthermore, your c-clamps will help prevent the door from falling.

  1. With caution, disconnect the cord

It would be best if you disconnected the cord that runs around the garage door’s frame right above the doorway. You’ll notice that one end is wrapped around the rollers while the other is attached to either a hook or clip, helping to secure the frame near the doorway.

  1. Adjust the cable!

You’ll need a pair of pliers if there is a lot of slack on the cable for this step. Use your pliers to help loosen the bracket holding the wire to the hook attached to the frame. Furthermore, you’ll need to pull the cable through the bracket to get it tightened. Finally, reattach the wire to the frame via a hook.

When you adjust garage door cables, remember that loosening the shaft too much can cause the cable to unwind or even become untangled. Remember to tighten the shaft only after all of the slack is removed from the cable. Too much tightness or looseness can cause issues.

  1. Check out what you have done

Once you’ve replaced the cable, you’ll want to examine the drum. The drum helps your garage door stay balanced and leveled. It is also the space where the cable wraps neatly around.

In addition, ensure that your cable isn’t unwrapped on either side of the door and that both of the cables are aligned correctly. Once everything looks good, you can remove the clamps lower the door manually. Plug your opener back in so you can use the automatic function once again.

Do you need garage door cable services?

No matter what, replacing garage door cables are not easy, and it is a tough and dangerous job. If you feel like you need professional help with your garage door cables, you have come to the right place! Garage Door Doctor is here to help with all of your garage door needs! We are your local garage door repair company in Katy and Cypress, and we want to ensure you have garage door experts that sincerely care about your needs. For more information, call us today at 281-855-9300 . You can also visit our website at .