Benefits of Side Hinged Garage Doors

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Despite the latest advancements and technological easiness, for some things, old traditional settings remain the best. When talking about garage doors, you will find a wide variety of self-operated doors available in different variants with numerous material, color, and textures. But the traditional side hinged garage doors are still in demand and more than ever ready to serve you with ease. Side-hinged garage doors have basic components and work in a simple way. They consist of two panels that are hinged from side to a subframe. Apart from its simplicity, there are many other benefits of choosing a side-hinged door. Let’s have a look at them.

They allow easy entrance and exit

Suppose instead of parking the car, you want some other stuff out of the garage. With a side-hinged garage door, opening it only halfway will allow you to enter and take out your belongings. This saves you both time and energy. But if you had a chain or belt drive operated garage gate installed, you would have to open it fully for a minor chore.

They look aesthetically pleasing

As the saying goes, old is gold, and it suits perfectly for side hinged garage doors. They give a slim, stylish look and are available in various designs and colors to perfectly fit the aesthetics of your home.

They are budget-friendly

Not only are these doors cheap in terms of installation or replacement, compared to other garage doors, its repairs also cost less. Moreover, if you plan to do an overhaul of your house or garage in general, changing the color or other parts will also cost you less.

No restrictions on garage size

One best thing about hinged garage doors is their size compatibility, as they can be easily made to fit any garage size. When constructing a garage, you don’t need to consider the size of a garage door. Rather the door will need to adjust itself to fit your newly-built garage.

They don’t make any noise

Would you like a garage door that screeches every time you open it? Absolutely not! Nobody likes a noisy door, especially if they live in a quiet neighborhood or when parking their car late at night. Side-hinged garage doors are free from the complicated mechanism, making them noiseless and ideal for such situations.

They offer more privacy

Unlike other many other types of garage doors, side-hinged doors don’t display your stuff to passersby. This is especially beneficial if you have expensive belongings stored in the garage.

No matter how good, every garage door has downsides, and so does hinged doors. Therefore, before making any purchase, it’s best to consult door professionals. Our team at Garage Door Doctor can provide immediate assistance when you contact us. Call us today at 281-855-9300.