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Garage doors hold immense importance; they add value to a person’s assets. It is a convenient way of entering and also increases the curb appeal of the house. Quick access and protection are two important features to look out for, while selecting and installing garage doors. Swing out garage doors are the most common type. Let’s see what swing out garage doors are, and their types.

Swing Out Garage Doors

As the name indicates, they swing out when opened. These garage doors mimic the arms of a human being opening for a warm hug.
Carriage style swing out garage doors were made of wood back in the day, putting a heavy load on the hinges. The load would cause the doors to degenerate quickly.
So, due to high maintenance costs, they soon lost popularity amongst regular individuals. Only people who could afford their sustenance, had them.

Fiberglass swing out garage door

These are light weighted, easy-to-maintain garage doors. Due to these characteristics, they are less expensive and more accepted by people. In modern times its weight makes it the best choice for automated controlled doors.
Fiberglass is a very good option for a garage door because it is durable and has great strength with least denting ability. These doors have a steel core but then are molded to a fiberglass surface. a combination of steel and fiberglass make the door last longer than average steel garage doors.
One of the qualities is that they do not dent as easily as steel. They have the power to resist an impact to a certain extent. Fiberglass swing out garage doors are anti-corrosive to saltwater and hold well during strong winds, so apt for windy/ coastal areas. If compared with wood, they have the ability to withstand warping, cracking, or rotting, making it a better choice.

Bi-fold garage door

Architects and designers work tirelessly to create better versions of things. A bi-fold garage door is exactly that; these are a little improvised carriage style swing out garage doors, open by overlapping themselves. The hinge is placed in the middle of the door. They open, and the pieces stack on each side. Their best feature is that they can be used manually and automated, plus they take less time to open and close, making them fairly convenient.

Types of Bi-fold garage doors

Wood or fiberglass bi-fold door
Wood or fiberglass are the most popular choices for this kind of door in a residential setup. This category is subdivided into two, horizontal bi-fold and vertical bi-fold. The door can be custom-made according to preference.
Industrial Bi-fold door
Industries incline towards steel, aluminum, or fiberglass material due to better strength, durability, and lasting ability.
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