Why Should You Choose Faux Wood Garage Doors Over Others?

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Who does not want a stylish, aesthetically pleasing, rich garage door? After all, it is what enhances the look and appeal of the overall property. It is the most desired addition that people want. Real wood doors are fairly expensive, and maintenance is a hard task; faux wood garage doors are appropriate and more affordable alternative.

Faux Wood Garage Doors

They are a look alike of the real deal, the actual wooden garage doors. They are made up of various materials like fiberglass, steel or composite material. Wood grain stain is what gives any door a characteristic wooden look.

The demand for a wooden garage door is ever increasing and does not see a dip. Amongst them, these faux, very realistic appearing wooden doors will make your house stand out from the rest.
The material you choose depends on the budget as well as the location of your house. You have to set up a budget for buying the door and its maintenance, followed by installation for it to last long. The garage doors should easily withstand the change in weather. That is why choosing the door, according to the overall climatic condition, is very important.

Benefits of Faux Wood Garage Doors

Faux wood and real wood garage doors are similar in physical appearance, so much that no one can tell them apart at a glance. Let’s discuss in detail about the benefits of installing faux wood
garage doors.

  • Cost

  • The best part about using faux wood material for garage doors is cost. Real wood is an expensive choice, the price increases with variants. Some of the types of wood available are oak, mahogany, cedar, etc. the most basic of the real wood option is plywood which is quite thin hence low in price. As the list goes from better to best, the amount tends to make a bigger dent in the pocket.

  • Physical Appearance

  • Aesthetic garage doors tie the whole look of the property. Modern faux garage doors serve as a good low level investment that would pay more in the future. It is better than a plain door; hardware touches like hinges, handles and latches can be added to it.

  • Maintenance

  • Faux garage doors are made up of materials like steel or fiberglass therefore require little maintenance than a real one. Wooden doors are prone to crack, rot, warping, or fading if not dealt with properly. A fresh stain coat, sanding, and painting are some of the things on the maintenance list to keep the look you paid heftily for.

    Garage doors made of faux wood need no such attention. Since they are made out of steel, fiberglass, or composite, rotting, crack, or warping is not a complication.

  • Durability

  • One of the positives of using this garage door is its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. This quality makes it a prime choice in areas where regular wooden garage door won’t last long. Moreover, steel or aluminum do not attract vermin or other insects, ensuring they don’t let them in the property.

  • Weight

  • Real wood doors are quite heavy and require extra openers and springs to function properly; this adds up to the overall cost of this door. On the other hand, faux doors are light, easy to manage and install.

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