How to Choose the Right Garage Door Opener Battery

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Today you will not find any garage doors that operate manually. Nowadays, this is a very rare case and is very situational. Most garage doors today work via electricity and are automatic. You can find remote-control operated garage doors and even wifi-operated garage doors. The openers of these doors work splendidly as long as the electricity runs through the system. But what if the system is suddenly off the grid due to a power cut or cable damage? This could happen due to power shortage, wind storms, falling trees, or any unknown hazard. For such cases, your garage door opener batteries take up command.

Today every electrical garage door opener comes with a custom battery backup. These batteries can vary by size, capacity, type, and lifespan. But they all have one purpose: to keep your garage door running even when there is no power. The main benefit of these batteries is that you don’t have to manually open your garage door in case of an emergency, and you won’t get stuck outside to face the elements by yourself.

How to Choose and Replace the Garage Door Opener Battery?

You can replace the opener battery without any extra hassle. Every opener has a screw-on lid on the back that houses the backup battery. You can simply unscrew this lid with a screwdriver and replace the old battery with a matching battery. That is all the work for replacement, but choosing the replacement battery will require a lot more work. You may have to take the old battery with you to the store to buy a new one. If you want to order it online, you will have to find a similar match first.

Sometimes, it could happen that your door opener’s battery is capable of utilizing higher capacity batteries than it initially came with. In this case, you may have to hire a professional garage door opener repair service to check the garage door opener and find the right battery.

Factors For Choosing The Right Battery:

Door Opener Capacity and Battery Size.
The battery for garage door openers comes in different sizes. Sometimes it is confusing because you can find multiple batteries of the same size but with different voltage values. Typically these door openers can utilize 3 volts, 9 volts, or 12 volts lithium-ion batteries.

Battery Lifespan
Lithium-ion batteries mostly have a longer lifespan than regular batteries. You need to find one with a longer lifespan, as this battery is a backup and not a direct power source. So, you would want it to keep working for as long as possible.

The Manufacturer
These batteries are a product of long-term use. Therefore, make sure you find the best performing brand on the market. You must pick a manufacturer known for the good quality and long lifespan of their batteries because that is your intent for buying them.


These garage door opener batteries are a great backup and a good choice that can last for years. So, complete your due diligence before buying your garage door batteries. Many factors need to be accounted for to make the right decision for your garage door opener, and you may need professional help. If you need our help, contact the Garage Door Doctor at 281-578-7659.