7 Easy Steps on How to Align Garage Door Sensors

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Is your garage door malfunctioning? When your garage door stops performing as efficiently as before, it could be having issues. The sensors, located on either side of the door, play a significant role in your garage door’s performance. The two parts, the emitter (sends the signal) and receiver (receives the signal to open or close the door), work to ensure optimal operation. However, sensors can start being faulty if they’re out of alignment. Good for you; we’ll be talking about how to align garage door sensors in this article.

Steps on How Align Garage Door Sensors

Grab onto these tools before you align the sensors:

  • Lever
  • String
  • Screwdriver
  • Electricity-resistant gloves

It is crucial for the garage door sensors to align for them to work correctly, and this is how you can do that:

1. Disconnect the Power Supply

Since this step requires working with wires, wear your electricity-resistant gloves to stay safe. Once your gloves are on, disconnect the power supply to the garage door sensors by turning off their switch. Furthermore, you can use your home’s breaker box to trip the fuse of the garage door.

2. Loosen the Screws Holding the Sensors

Now the real work begins. You’ll have to loosen the screws of the mounting brackets that hold the sensors. After that, rotate it anticlockwise motion; continue until they’re open enough to be loose. Remember, taking the mounting brackets off entirely isn’t wise since you’ll have to slide them up and down later.

3. Slide the Sensor Downward

You’ll find it easier to slide the mounting bracket up and down once the screws are loosened. Therefore, use your bare hands to slide it down. Keep sliding it down as low as needed, making sure that the sensor remains inside the mounting bracket throughout. If you use a wrench, it could cause marks on the sensor and interfere with its function as well.

4. Attach the String & Tie the Knots

Now it’s time for the main step of how to align your garage door sensors. Before proceeding, inspect the sensors to confirm if they’re in the position and height you want them. Then, knot each end of the string to the sensors and their mounting brackets. The success of your procedure depends entirely on this project. Thus, the string should look as straight as possible.

5. Check the String’s Level

Take your level and place it below the string, verifying if it runs levelly across the doorway. Press your level against the string for a few seconds. If the string is leveled, you can carry on with the next step. If not, keep adjusting until the level shows that the sensors are aligned.

6. Tighten the Screws

When both levels align perfectly according to your leveler, you can start fastening the screws. You must tighten it until the garage door sensor doesn’t move with pressure. After that, check with the leveler once to see if the sensors are aligned.

7. Test the Sensors

Lastly, turn the power back on and test the sensors to see if they operate smoothly. If it still doesn’t work or you have any other issues, contact a professional for garage door opener repair.

Need Expert Help with Your Garage Door?

Learning how to align your garage door sensors is important, as the slightest problem can cause major inconvenience. If you aren’t exactly an expert in that department, Garage Door Doctor can help. Contact us at (281) 855-9300 for professional repair.