How To Know You Need Garage Door Service

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Over time, as a result of continuous use, all mechanical devices suffer wear-and-tear. This is certainly true with garage doors which we are often used daily. To a degree, they are also exposed to the weather, although only on the outside face of the door itself. As time passes, some component or door part may break, or the wear may become so extensive that the door stops functioning properly. Consequently, regular service on your door should be carried out by a professional garage door service company such as the Garage Door Doctor. Here are some tips for knowing when it’s time to call a garage door service professional.

One serious problem that can occur with garage doors is for one or both springs to break. This is not usually difficult to diagnose although in some situations a break is not obvious. If your garage door has a torsion spring and is exposed, you can examine it to determine if it’s broken. A large gap in the middle of the spring indicates a break. When these springs break they release a great deal of energy, so, in the event of a break, you might hear a loud ‘pop’ in your garage. A broken spring definitely indicates it’s time for garage door service.

Check out the springs also if your garage door raises only a few inches and then stops, or if it moves up and down with a jerky motion. Of course, if the door will not move at all, that is a sure sign of problems. Any of these situations means it’s time for garage door service.

If your garage door makes more noise than normal, this could indicate problems other than the springs. Hinges and rollers might fail, and door tracking might misalign. Also, if sections of your garage door are not lined up or appear to be bent or sagging, this could mean your garage door is out of balance. Once again these signs indicate problems with garage door components. If you notice any of these warning signals, you should call a garage door service professional.

In all these cases, it is not a good idea to attempt to fix the garage door yourself. Garage doors are specialized pieces of equipment that need specialized attention from a service professional. The Garage Door Doctor has over 25 years of residential garage door service experience and is fully equipped to handle all makes and models of garage doors. If your door has any of these warning signs, or your garage door is simply not acting correctly or has changed the way it is functioning, give the Garage Door Doctor a call today. One of our professional staff will set an appointment and discuss with you any service that might be required. Call us today: 281-855-9300.