Your Garage Door Supplier Can Add Value to Your Home

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The last thing you may think about when you’re preparing your home for sale might be your garage door. Nevertheless, you should talk to your garage door supplier and discuss ways to enhance the value of your house by making improvements to your door. There are some ways you can add value and, at the same time, improve the appearance and style of your home. Listed below are four things you can do to improve the aesthetics of your home and add value at the same time.

One of the first things to consider is replacing your garage door entirely. It was estimated by Fox News that homeowners can recoup up to 85% of the cost of a new garage door when they sell their home. Visit with your garage door supplier to check out the many attractive styles and colors of a replacement door. Adding a stylish garage door that blends with your home’s design features is a good way of adding value.

Another item which you may not think about when you’re preparing to sell your home is to insulate your garage door. Not only will this help reduce your energy bills but it can be a major selling point when you put your home on the market. Your garage door supplier can provide advice as to the various types of insulation available as well as with installation services. The Garage Door Doctor can discuss with you the proper ways to insulate and protect your garage door, suggest insulation types, and complete the installation.

A third item to consider that can improve the resale value of your home is to install garage door ornamentation and fixtures to enhance the overall look and feel of the door. Your garage door supplier can show you the available ornamental choices suitable for your door. These might include decorative ornamental iron work, decorative theme features (such as faux barn door handles, etc.,), and even painted design patterns. Your garage door supplier can assist you to select and install these features.

Finally, an upgrade to your garage door opener or your remote can add significantly both to the ease of operation of your garage door and to the value of your home. A high-end remote door opening system, along with safety features, can be a big selling point when putting your home on the market. Again, your garage door supplier can show you the available options that fit your home, garage, and budget.

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