Five Reasons That Cause Your Garage Door to Stop Working

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For the most part, garage doors function properly year in and year out. They are a convenience we sometimes take for granted. Occasionally, however, we’re faced with a door that simply will not work correctly. When you are on the way to work in the morning, this can be both an inconvenience and a nuisance, but often the problem can be fixed quickly, although in some cases, it may require a garage doors specialist. Below are five reasons your garage doors may have stopped working.

    1. It is possible that the batteries in your remote have simply died. This can be tested by checking to see if the switch inside your garage will cause the door to activate. If the problem is the batteries, then they can be changed out in a few minutes, and you’re good to go.
    1. Sometimes when your remote does not work, it simply means you are too far away from the remote’s receiver. If this is the problem, it can be fixed by simply moving closer to the garage. On the other hand, if moving closer does not correct the problem, it may be that you need to reprogram your garage doors remote. Refer to your owners’ manual on how to do this or contact a garage doors specialist.
    1. A more serious problem can occur if one of your garage doors springs is broken. You can often check to see if this is the problem by looking at the springs. Check to see if a break has caused a gap to appear somewhere along the spring. In this case, you will need to contact your garage doors specialist for maintenance and repair.
    1. If your garage doors will open but not close there may be an object blocking the path of the photoelectric eye. The photo eyes are safety features which prevent people or objects from being crushed by the garage doors as it comes down. If an object blocks the photo eye, the door will not close. Check the floor area under the door and remove any objects that may be interfering with the photo eyes’ electronic beam.
    1. If there is nothing blocking the photo eyes, the problem may be that the photo eyes’ lenses have become dirty causing interference with the eyes’ beam. If this is the case, then cleaning the eyes should resolve the problem. It is also possible that the photo eyes are out of alignment. The photo eyes must be in direct alignment with each other for the photoelectric safety feature to function properly. If the eyes are out of alignment check alignment procedures in your owners’ manual or contact a garage doors service professional.

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