Important Factors in Choosing a New Garage Door

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Garage doors are an important design feature of your home. Therefore, when it’s time to replace your old door with a new one, you’ll want to make sure you pick the right one. Remodeling Magazine reports that approximately 90% of the cost of a new garage door can be recovered in the sales price of a home. So, it just makes sense to select a garage door that will add curb appeal and beauty to your home.

Today’s homeowners have a wide array of choices in styles and types for garage door. With many home designs today, the garage door is visible from the street and comprises a significant portion of your home’s ‘street appearance.’ Because we generally only select a new garage door once or twice in our lifetimes, knowing a little about what’s available regarding designs and styles can be helpful. Below are some features to look for:

    1. Style: One of the most important characteristics of any garage door is its style. Available styles generally include carriage house panels, flat panels, flush panels, long raised panels, and short raised panels. Your garage door specialist such as Garage Door Doctors will have samples of each of these for you to consider. Select a type that complements the overall look of your home.
    1. Material: Some excellent material choices are available including steel, (the most common), wood, fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum. Each material type has advantages and disadvantages concerning expected life, maintenance, colors, and cost.
    1. Insulation: There are several types of insulation available. The important factor when selecting insulation is whether you need a high ‘R’ value insulation which provides a greater amount of protection from the elements or a lower value. If you are using your garage as a workspace or a play area for your children, you will likely want a higher R value insulation to maintain more comfortable inside temperatures.
    1. Accessories: Style conscience garage door manufacturers today provide doors with windows, door handles, hinges, and other ornamental features. These can be selected to complement the design of your home and to make your garage door both unique and attractive.

Selecting the right combination of style, materials, accessories, and insulation for a new garage door can become an integral part of your home’s look and feel. When you need a garage door replacement of any style or type, or you only need garage door service, call the Garage Door Doctor. We specialize in installation and service of all types and makes of garage door. Call us at 281-855-9300 or connect with us using the contact form on this website. One of our garage door service professionals will be able to discuss your project, answer your questions, and help you select the perfect garage door for your home. Call today 281-855-9300.