Damaged Garage Door

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A garage door may work perfectly well for months and would not have any trouble. However, there might be times when you try to park your car or take it out of the garage, and the door would not open or close properly. In either case, your damaged garage door would need a repair service to secure your vehicle from theft or other damages.

Causes of damaged garage door

There are numerous reasons which may cause damage to the garage door. Therefore, the quicker these are identified the quicker they will be fixed.

    1. Track alignment problem

Garage doors run on tracks to open and close. If the garage door is not opening or closing properly, it might be due to a problem in the alignment of tracks, which may make the garage door go off track. Correcting the alignment of the tracks would resolve the issue making the door would run smoothly again.

    1. Malfunctioning of parts

A garage door may not stop moving smoothly if the parts of the door like rollers, hinges, and springs wear and tear due to excessive use and dust. The damaged parts if replaced would make the garage door work correctly.

    1. Breakage of spring

Springs stretch every time you open or close the door. The more you use the door, the more they work. As a result, springs have more chances of breaking than any other part.

  1. Breakage of cable

A cable that lifts the garage door becomes weak with time. Subsequently, a weak cable can break any time and make the garage door difficult to operate.

When you fear that your garage door is not functioning correctly, look for the causes of a damaged garage door. The team at Garage Door Doctor can visit your door and fix any issue your garage door may be having. All you need to do is call us on 281-855-9300 or 281-578-7659.