Has your garage door spring broken? Here’s what you can do.

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A working garage door helps in the smooth functioning of several activities performed during a busy day. However, when you all of a sudden, find a garage door spring broken, it leaves you with two options. Either you park your car outside at an unsafe place and continue with your work, or you stop your work and get the broken spring fixed.

The latter is a sensible option that would also reduce the risk of damaging the car. A professional garage door repair service will help you solve the problem.

But let’s first discuss what does a garage door spring does?

A garage door spring plays an essential part in the opening and closing of the garage door. Without a spring, the movement of the door would become hard, and it would be much difficult to lift the door. Therefore, if you see a garage door spring broken, it is good to get it fixed before it starts spoiling the other parts of the door.

How to identify if the garage door spring has broken?

Before fixing the garage door spring, it is good to identify if the problem is with the spring or some other part that needs replacement or repair. You would notice the following signs if the garage door spring would break:

  1. In the middle of the torsion spring, you might see a gap
  2. With a broken spring the top of the garage door might bend
  3. The door while shutting would fall quickly
  4. The door denies opening when you pull the emergency rope
  5. When one of the springs of the garage door breaks, it will give a jerk.
  6. The most obvious sign of a spring breaking is cable hanging down.

The entire sync of the door gets disturbed if you would have a garage door spring broken. Therefore, it is good not to let the spring break. Rust and poor maintenance can be some of the reasons due to which the springs break. A professional garage door repair would help to replace the broken spring so that the door would function smoothly again. In case you need any help, call Garage Door Doctor, and our team will help you fix the door.