Having Trouble with Your Garage Door Cable. Let’s See How to Fix It?

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A working garage door can have many problems that may compromise its functionality. These problems can make it difficult for a person to open or close a garage door. At worse, the garage door can fall and cause serious injury. Therefore, it is necessary to check all parts every three months to ensure that they are working properly. Today we will discuss how to fix garage door cables if it stops working but before that, let’s see what a garage door cable does?

Role of a Garage Cable  

Cable plays a vital role in making the garage door go up and down. The cable goes through the torsion spring and lifts the door up. It also helps to protect people from injury in case the spring breaks. That is why it is important that a garage door cable is properly aligned.

Causes of the cable breaking

There can be various reasons for the cable to stop working and come off track. The following are some of those.

Firstly, the cable and the spring should have the right amount of tension between them. If the balance is not correct, it can cause a problem because the spring would break or maybe because the drum is of the wrong size.

Fixing the garage door cable

Replacing a cable may seem easy to people, but it is highly risky because it goes through the torsion spring. The spring has a lot of tension and these stress when the door opens or close. If the cable is removed without releasing the tension of the spring, it can cause injury to the person as the spring can recoil all of a sudden.

If you want to save yourself from injuries, it is important that you hire a professional to fix your garage door cables. Garage Door Doctor is always ready to provide you its services. Call us now on 281-855-9300 and 281-578-7659 for more information.