Reasons why Garage door stops Working

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Opening and closing the garage door is such a routine work for us that we don’t even think that it would stop working for any reason. However, there can be a number of reasons because of which a garage door stops working. The problems can be most obvious and simple, but we sometimes don’t take our thoughts to them.

1. Remote and wall switch has stopped working

When the garage door does not function even after pressing the remote and the wall switch, it is probably because the power source is not present. The common reason is that the motor unit is not plugged properly. As soon as the cable is plugged, the door will start working.

2. Garage door doesn’t close completely

If your garage door does not have any problem opening up but doesn’t close properly, the reason could be one of the following:

  • The close limit switch needs your attention for adjustment
  • The safety sensors are not working
  • Rollers have become rusty

3. Garage door reverses before closing completely

In such a case, there can be a problem with a close force setting. When the settings are not correct, the door would not be able to close. It can also be due to damaged or rusted rollers. The rusted rollers create friction, which fools the door and makes it believe that the door has reached the floor before it touches it.

4. Garage door does not open completely

This problem can be due to the displacement of the up-limit switch. If the switch is away from the motor, it might malfunction, and the motor would close the door before it is fully open. Again this problem can also result because of damaged rollers.

There can be several reasons because of which the garage door stops working. Even though the problem may seem simple but it is important to contact a specialist so he may fix the problem completely. Garage Door Doctors are the right experts to contact if any problem occurs with your garage door. Call us on 281-855-9300 or 281-578-7659 if your garage door needs attention.