Are Garage Door Opener Sensors Required?

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At one point, we all have faced bad experiences with our garage door opener sensors. While closing our garage, we may have seen that it was not closing due to something close to the sensor, despite it being a reasonable distance away from the garage door. Because of these types of experiences, many wonder whether they need to have garage door sensors! Let us take a look at important factors you should be aware of regarding your garage door and its sensors.

What exactly are garage door sensors?

Garage door sensors, or photoelectric eye sensors, are devices installed on your garage doors. They help prevent anything from facing injury as the garage comes down. Garage doors can weigh anywhere from 400-500 pounds, making them as dangerous as boulders if they were to come all the way down without a flagger to stop them.

The sensors sit opposite of each other; the garage door sits in between them. There is a laser that connects the two eyes when the garage door is up. When the door comes down, as long as nothing stops the laser from breaking connection, the garage door will come down with no issue. If, however, something is obstructing the connection, like a child running under the door, the garage will stop and reverse back to moving up, preventing an accident from occurring.

Do you need garage door sensors installed?

Without sensors, thousands of people and children can get injured. However, is it required for your garage door? The simple answer: yes. All garage doors in the U.S. have to have safety features, such as sensors, installed.

The U.S. Federal Law UL 325 requires all garage doors to include safety mechanisms, such as garage door sensors. Even though there are other safety tools, sensors are the most common. Your garage must have an approved safety device, like sensors, on your garage door.

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