What Is An Ideal Garage Door?

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An ideal garage door isn’t going to be the same for everyone. Being humans, we all have different tastes and wants. We don’t just buy one type of car or eat the same type of food every day. The same thing goes with garage doors. Many may like fancy, wooden garage doors, while others may enjoy two-door garage doors. Some of us may just like a traditional garage door seen in the old-time movies. Whatever taste you may have, Garage Door Doctor can help you decide which garage door suits you. With easy installation, we can help you build a garage you deserve. Today, we will be looking at different garage doors and guiding on which is an ideal garage door for your home.

Garage #1: CHI® Model #2240

This garage is known as a short panel and is the most common garage door we install. When a garage has squares that go across it, it’s called a short panel garage. There is a long panel design available with Model #2240. With a long panel, you will have squares going across your garage. If you are looking to have your door look unique without spending too much, a long panel is perfect for you!

Garage #2: CHI® Model #5250

In the old times, beautiful carriage house doors were quite expensive and only available in insulated doors. This is a perfect, affordable upgrade to enhance the look of your home. Even though the door’s construction is similar to Model 2240, installing these doors gives a much greater unique look. Model 5250 has similar characteristics to the short panel of Model 2240. However, the squares of the 5250 have ridges inside of them that significantly add to its appearance.

Garage #3: CHI® Model #5283 Accents

Models #5283 and #5250 share a similar appearance. However, #5283 comes in a wood grain finish. Colors available with the wood grain finish include Dark Oak, Light Oak, Cedar, Mahogany. Please note that this door is only available as a steel-backed insulated door. Even though that may not seem great, it is excellent to know that the insulation/steel-backing helps add strength and reduces noise. This model is the key to uniqueness for those who want an elegant wood door without having to maintain a real wood door.

With beauty comes a cost. Wood doors require much more maintenance than standard garage doors to keep them beautiful and working correctly. This door is awe-filled; however, you can enhance the beauty by installing a decorative 6 piece exterior hardware set and windows with designs.

What is the ideal garage door for me?

If you still feel you may need help in deciding what is the most ideal garage door, you have nothing to fear! Garage Door Doctor can guide you on an ideal garage door based on your preferences and needs. We are your local garage door experts in Katy and Cypress, and we want you to have a garage door company that cares about your needs. Call us today at 281-855-9300 . You can also visit our website at https://garagedoordoctor.biz/