Should The Garage Door Have Windows?

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If you are getting a garage door installed, one question you might be wondering is whether to have the garage door with windows or without the windows.

Having windows in a garage door has its features and benefits, but it also has a few challenges. Here are some pros and cons of garage door windows.

What Are Some Pros Of Garage Door Windows?

Some reasons why people like adding windows to their garage door:

  • It allows natural light to flow into your garage. Now you do not need to switch on the lights during the day which can save your electricity. Another advantage here is, sunlight will keep the garage warm during winters.
  • Windows in your garage door is an excellent aesthetic tactic to decorate them. Windows can be aligned both horizontally or vertically, and you can also choose from different patterns and designs.
  • Garage door windows give your home a natural look and seem like they are a part of the exterior.

What Are Some Cons Of Garage Door Windows?

Some reasons why people do not like adding windows to their garage door:

  • It can invade your privacy by letting neighbors or strangers see inside the garage. It can also allow burglars to access the garage door lock by breaking through the windows.

What More Should You Consider Before Purchasing Your Next Garage Door Windows?

If you have decided that you want windows in your next garage door, we will recommend increasing your budget to ensure the quality of your windows and frames are higher. Frames made of polypropylene are the most durable. It has a strong seal between the frame and the glass to stop drafts or moisture from entering. The door should be of glass as its scratch-resistant. And if you are looking to make the windows more private, try implementing tint or frost onto the glass.

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