What Are Some Common Garage Door Problems?

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It’s never good to have a problem with your garage door. Not only can it disable the automatic opening and closing feature, but it can also compromise your family’s security.

Knowing the most common issues with your garage door will help you understand and fix if there is a problem with your garage door. Or if you go ahead and call in professional service, you will explain what’s wrong with your garage door.

In this article, below are some troubleshooting tips that can help you have a non-functioning garage door.

Is Your Garage Door Properly Closing?

If you notice that your garage door isn’t correctly closing, it might be a particular issue. The first thing you need to check is, the close limit switch installed on the garage door might need an adjustment. It is the responsibility of this switch to tell the motor when is the time to stop. To check if the motor unit is the culprit, you can change the switch and the motor unit settings. You can adjust the settings, and now your gate should properly close.

Nevertheless, if the switch and motor unit are working fine, manually move the door to open and close positions and see if there is something else coming in the way when the garage door is closing. Is something interfering with its closing mechanism?

Is Your Remote Working Fine?

Start with checking if your garage door is opening and closing using a wall switch. If so, that means your remote have must malfunction. Ensure the batteries on the remote are in perfect condition and if so, make sure you’re standing within the remote’s range while opening the door. Finally, check the programming of the remote.

Your Remote Is Working Fine, But The Door Is Still Not Functioning Properly.

If that’s the case, there must be something wrong with the electric supply of your garage door. Check the light, and if they are not turning on, it means the issue is found. Check the opening unit to see if it’s properly connected to the power source.

Is The Motor Functioning Properly?

If everything else seems to be fine, there is a possibility there is an issue with the motor. Adjust by moving the switch away from the motor unit, and it might solve the problem. This is quite a common issue in newly installed garage doors.

If you can still find the source of the problem, reach out to Garage Door Repair, and we will help you out. Call us at 281-855-9300 to schedule an appointment.