Learn How to Change a Garage Door Code in 4 Easy Steps

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Garages not only offer a parking space for your car but also protect it from theft or worse. Nowadays, many homeowners opt for an automatic garage door as it comes with a remote, making it easier to open or close. Still, the code might also give burglars easy access to your garage if you haven’t changed it in a long while. Therefore, frequently changing the garage door might help ensure its security. Keep reading to know how to change a garage door code.

Before proceeding, make sure that the keypad and remote have working batteries. Next, grab your ladder and screwdriver to get started on changing your garage door code. The steps are:

Steps to Change Code for a Garage Door with Keypad

To change the code of a garage door with a keypad, stick to the following steps:

1. Reach the Door’s Motor

Position your ladder underneath the garage door. Then, climb the ladder to access the garage door’s motor. You’ll see the motor on one of the sides of the garage’s doorway.

2. Reset the Motor

After you reach the garage door’s motor, look for a ‘Reset’ button; you’ll find it on the control panel. Now, press the button until the light beside it turns off. The light going off signifies that the door’s memory has been erased, including the old code. Stop pressing once the light has gone off.

3. Type in The New Code

Press the ‘Reset’ button once more, and keep pressing it until the light turns back on. Now it’s time to type in your new code onto the keypad. The light will start blinking once you’ve entered the new code, indicating that the door’s motor has accepted it. Keep pressing the button after that so the blinking light becomes static and eventually turns off.

4. Reprogram the Remote

When you’ve turned the motor off, move away from the door. Next, take the remote and press the button, holding it down until you notice the motor’s light blinking again. This means you have reprogrammed the new code on your remote.

If you have two or more garage door remotes, reprogram them individually to change the code.

How to Change Code on a Garage Door with no Keypad?

If your garage door doesn’t have a keypad, you can change the code by following these steps:

  • Remove the remote’s control cover either using your hands or a screwdriver. Put the screwdriver where the cover meets the remote and pull it out with a little force.
  • Look at the switches under the cover and compare their positions with the current garage door code. You’ll get an idea of how to position the switches for a code.
  • Reset the switches to the new code; it will only take a few minutes.
  • Access the motor by positioning the ladder in a way that doesn’t jeopardize your safety. Remove the motor’s cover as you did with the remote. You’ll see a series of switches.
  • Cautiously reposition the switches similar to how you did in the remote, making sure to get it right.

Your garage door motor and remote will sync with the code if you’ve repositioned them correctly. Now you’ll be all set to open your garage door with the new code.


Knowing how to change garage code can come in handy, as it might prevent unwanted guests from breaking in. What keeps your garage door running is regular maintenance and letting a professional look at it every once in a while. Luckily for you, we offer solutions to your garage door issues at Garage Door Doctor. Dial 281-855-9300 to contact us now.