Why People Prefer Wall Mount Garage Door Openers

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A garage door is a common staple in any house. Today you won’t typically find a house that doesn’t have a garage and a garage door. Some people prefer to keep their garage doors manual, and others prefer installing automatic systems. When you think about garage doors, you typically think about old-fashioned garage doors. These doors are operated by a manual or automated chain and pulley. These are the most common models you will find in most households. There are some problems with this type of opener. These doors are loud, require a lot of maintenance, are way too heavy, and take up a lot of space. But one new type of door opener is the solution to all these problems. These are the wall mount garage door openers.

Benefits Of Wall Mounted Garage Door Openers

The new models are a revolution in the industry and are making waves in luxury communities. This innovative technology has revolutionized the industry and is quickly gaining popularity. Wall mounted openers tick all the right boxes when it comes to the user’s convenience. Repairs, customizations, upgrades, and modifications are possible without dismantling the system. Everything is quicker and easier, plus it is an economical option. But make sure that you hire a professional garage door installation service to do the job.

Space Saving
Old systems are bulky and require at least 3 feet above them. If you have a low-roof garage, these wall-mounted openers are the right choice. The garage door opener wall mount attaches itself to the side of your garage door. This way, your door opener stays at a convenient location. These openers are compact and connected with any turning mechanism you have.

If your garage is next to a living room or bedroom, then again, these openers are the right choice for you. The operations of these mounted openers make very less noise. If your system is properly oiled and maintained, then they are virtually silent.

Easy Repairs
Now you don’t have to tear the whole system apart for any repairs. Unless it is something serious, it can be fixed without unmounting the door opener. Even if it is serious and your opener needs to be sent to the manufacturer, you can do so easily as the system is small and separately attached to the door. The door can work manually for some time until your automatic opener is back.

More Safety
The chain and pulley systems are heavy and hang from the roof of your garage right above your car. If the system installation is professional, you don’t have to worry, but there is always a small risk factor. As these openers don’t hang above your car, nor does the door, that’s why this system is virtually risk-free.

People often install false ceilings to hide their pulley garage openers. This adds up to the expense of the project, and sometimes, people have to go above their budgets. But since the wall-mounted opener doesn’t hang over the car and is an attractive-looking compact device, it helps you save that extra expense.


These wall-mounted garage door openers are convenient, but you should make sure they are the right choice. They have a lot of benefits. Therefore, they are a good option for anyone. Additionally, they save money and space, but you must be sure about your situation. The question here is whether you can get the most ROI through this system or not. If you need further advice, contact our experts at Garage Door Doctor at this number 281-855-9300.