13 Methods To Safely Bypass Garage Door Sensors

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A properly functioning sensor of the garage door is crucial for safety. If it stops working, the whole household is potentially at risk of an unfortunate incident. In some circumstances, it gets stuck in the middle or stops working; in that case, you need to bypass garage door sensors, and we will tell you how to do that.

You will need some tools for bypassing the garage door, which include:

  • A microfiber cloth
  • Screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
  • A hammer
  • A helping hand

13 Ways To Successfully Bypass Garage Door Sensors

You can, either on your own or with the help of someone, trick your garage door sensor. Having said that, you must keep in mind to take precautionary measures for safety.

Clear the Sensors

Before deciding to disable the garage door sensors altogether, clean them using a microfiber cloth. Even tiny particles or dander can result in garage door sensors malfunctioning.

Moreover, it is better to de-clutter the area. Make sure that there is nothing present in the way. See whether or not your garage door sensor starts working again to open and close it.

Sun Block

Although it may sound weird, but sometimes the sun can also block the sensor functioning. You can check that’s the issue. Stand between the sunlight and sensor; now close your garage door.

If it does, then you shall repeat this process to bypass garage door sensors until a professional fix the problem.


Misalignment and wiring troubles are common since the door is constantly in contact with the environment. Your garage door sensors may suffer from bad wiring due to rats, pests, etc., chewing on them, thus causing malfunction.

Reset To Initial Settings

Resetting to primary settings is one of the ways you can fix garage door sensors. If system glitch is the culprit, then your issue will be resolved.

Fix These Sensors Together

Turn off the power first to not electrocute yourself. Now, take a wire cutter and disconnect it from the main power supply and seal the open ends of your wires with electrical tape.

Then, slightly bend the sensors from both sides in a manner that the eyes face each other and tape them.

Sensor Rewiring

You can override garage door sensors by rewiring them into a new connection. Firstly, reach the door opener unit. Now, recognize the wires by their colored blocks on which the holes are present.

You will find 3 colors there: red, 2 whites, and 1 black or gray. The leftmost red and the first white have no necessity, so you can ignore them. Rewire the connection into the 2nd white hole and the black/gray one.

Safely Store the Sensors

After rewiring, the wires hang from the ceiling, making the situation hazardous. Just prop up the sensor on top of the door opener unit. Space for a 3-6 inch sensor must be there. This way, wires remain in place, and you will resultantly have a permanent garage door sensor bypass.

Operate manually

Pull the chain hanging from the motor on the ceiling if nothing works. This will remove your garage from “motor-based” operation and convert it to a manual operation, disabling garage door sensors.

Remove Sensors

Unscrew wingnuts holding the sensors and then cut the wires around them. Now, gently remove the device from the pole that keeps it.

This is the best method to eliminate garage door sensors completely if nothing else is working.

Sensor Replacement

It is indeed a hassle, but with professional help, you can get rid of the problem once and for all.

Physically Open the Door

Pull the chain and try opening the door yourself, however. Stop if the door is too heavy.

Run Diagnostic Tests

Automatic garage doors have sensors that run on some software program. Try running a diagnostic to decipher the problem.

Press and Hold the Garage Door Button

Although a temporary solution, but to bypass safety sensors on the garage door, you can press and hold the button to fit on the garage wall. The doors start going down. Release the button when it is completely closed.

Final Words

We would suggest you not try to bypass the garage door. Instead, get professional help to fix this issue. Why don’t you contact Garage Door Doctor for assistance? Dial (281) 855-9300 to connect with us.