5 Reasons To Reset Your Garage Door Code

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Using a manual garage door is quite a cumbersome task; getting out and opening it yourself or asking someone else to do it for you is a big no-no. Remotes make your life pretty easy; you only have to point, and the garage door opens up. However, the code can put you at risk of theft. Therefore, this blog has easy steps to reset a garage door code in case you feel the need to change it for security reasons.

Things To Look Out for Before You Reset the Garage Door Code

Before you decide to reset the garage door code, ensure that the keypad on the garage door opener and your remote have new fresh batteries. This is done so that there is no power disruption in the middle of the programming. Grab a ladder plus a screwdriver, and get going!

Resetting Garage Door Openers That Work with Code – 4 Easy Steps

Here is a step-wise guide for your ease:

1. Reach your garage door motor
This is where the ladder comes into play. Place it under your door and use it to get to the motor.

2. Press the reset button on your garage door for a new code
Once you successfully reach your motor, look for the Reset button on the control panel. Now, press it down and hold it in until the light right beside it starts flickering, an indicator that your door’s code memory is wiped out.

3. Time to change the garage door code
After the old information is out, it is time to put in the new code in. Press the reset button again, and hold it until the light turns on. Now, you enter the code on the garage door keypad to mark the change and hit enter.

Once done, it will start flickering. This indicates that the garage door program has accepted the code change.

4. garage door remote code
After turning the motor off, stay away from the door and grab the remote in your hand. Press the button on your remote and hold it for a few seconds. By now, the light on the motor will again start to flicker. This shows that you have successfully reprogrammed your new code on the remote.

5 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Garage Door Code

1. Recent Service Work In Your Home
At the time of home service, the workers have access to the codes of the garage door to move in and out with ease which can be used afterward.

This does not mean that there is a potential for theft later on after the service is over; however, staying cautious for the safe-keeping of your car and your home.

2. Lost Your Old Remote
In case you lose the remote that controls your garage door, the first step you should take is to remove the connection between these two.

3. Recent Move
A garage door code is sacred and should be challenging for everyone to knowledge. If you have bought a new home, reset your code to access the garage door to avoid any theft risk.

4. Limit Access To The Garage
Things can go south, and you may need privacy from the close of members in certain situations. So, it is better to limit the access of people in your house through the garage door.

5. In the case of Hacking Possibility
Garage doors are like any other gadget, and hacking is not a rare possibility, so regular resetting of garage door codes can help evade this issue.

5. To Sum Up

These codes are prone to hacking, or someone may even drop them and use them for a theft attempt later on. That is why we suggest you change or reset your garage door code every few months. Do not shy away from reaching out for help. Garage Door Doctor, situated in Houston, is your next go-to place for garage door repair and other problems. Dial 281-855-9300 to connect with us.