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Is your garage door opener not working properly? If so, give the experts at Garage Door Doctor a call for garage door opener repair in Meyerland, TX. Our team has over three decades of experience with garage door opener installation and is the best choice for the job! 

Why Isn’t My Garage Door Opener Working?

Garage door openers contain many moving parts in the mechanism, so there are several types of problems that can form.

Power issues make up a sizable chunk of opener problems. Bad wiring or damaged electrical connectors can cause the opener to shut off prematurely. The opener might also be trying to draw power out of a bad outlet. 

Your opener has photosensors that detect obstructions so the door doesn’t close on them. If the sensors are damaged or blocked, the door might refuse to shut because it thinks there are obstructions. 

Garage doors use a series of springs to provide the necessary counterforce to balance the door when opening and closing. Broken springs mean your door might get stuck when it moves. Replacing broken springs on garage doors is dangerous, so call an expert to manage the problem. 

If the remote control for your garage door opener doesn’t work, it could be due to a damaged sensor or a dead battery. Either way, we can replace and recalibrate your remote so it works like a charm again. 

Garage door openers have limit settings that determine the amount of force to apply. If these settings are off, the door might shut off because it thinks it’s generating more force than it actually is. Alternatively, the door might not close because it assumes something is in the way. 

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Why Get Garage Door Opener Repair?

If your garage door isn’t working, you need to get garage door opener repair in Meyerland, TX, as soon as possible. You don’t want to leave the door alone, whether it is stuck open or closed. Leaving the door open could:

  • Allow animals and pests to get into your garage
  • Give strangers access to your home
  • Open your garage and belongings to water and damage from extreme weather

In contrast, the door being stuck closed might make the following happen: 

  • Your car might be at risk of vandalism
  • You won’t be able to access a separate garage

Regardless of what’s wrong with your garage door, you will thank yourself for getting repairs done as quickly as possible. 

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