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Your garage door and its accessories should improve your family’s accessibility while protecting your home from trespassers. But a malfunctioning garage door opener throws a wrench in those efforts. It could expose your vehicle to harsh weather or leave your property vulnerable to unwanted visitors.

We at Garage Door Doctor make garage door opener repair in Stafford, TX, a top priority. Our technicians provide professional garage door opener installation and repair services to keep your garage door in working order. 

Reputable Garage Door Opener Repair in Stafford, TX

Your garage door opener is like a set of keys. Its complex technology works with your specific garage door to open and close it on command. Sometimes, the remote control or wall switch doesn’t perform as expected.

Don’t resort to manually opening and closing the door in this situation, as you might injure your back or shoulders. Instead, report the problem to us. We often get calls regarding the following garage door issues:

  •  Doors that only partially open and close
  •  Doors that start an opening cycle after partially closing
  •  Unresponsive garage doors
  •  Operational mechanics coupled with stationary doors

If any of the above problems are causing you frustration, a call for garage door opener repair in Stafford, TX, is in order! 

Garage Door Opener Repair in Stafford, TX
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What Makes Garage Doors Stop Functioning Properly?

Each garage door comes equipped with a safety sensor. This sensor is located near the base of the garage door’s threshold. Without it, the door could injure small children and animals during a closing cycle. The sensor detects movement close to the ground and prevents the door from closing on top of a person or animal.

Sometimes, this sensor doesn’t work properly. It can collect dust and debris, which may falsely trigger its safety function. Wiring or other electrical components may also malfunction, causing the sensor to activate prematurely.

Disconnected or damaged mechanical parts are common causes of a malfunctioning garage door. The chain and pulley may get off track, causing the mechanism to function without pulling the door up. 

Why Prompt, Professional Repairs Are a Must in Stafford, TX

A malfunctioning garage door could leave your home vulnerable to burglars, especially if it won’t close all the way. Trespassers may see an ajar garage door and take the opportunity to break into your home.

Prompt repair services ensure that only the right people can access your home’s interior anytime. 

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Stafford’s Five-Star Garage Door Repair and Installation Technicians

Our skilled technicians arrive on time and treat all customers with the courtesy they deserve. Our garage door opener services are second to none. We offer affordable prices, unmatched customer service, and trustworthy repair methods. Don’t take our word for it; let the thousands of five-star reviews we’ve received over the years speak for themselves! 

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